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Hello, my name is Claire Pinkham and Iím a freelance technical writer in Santa Cruz, California, near Silicon Valley. Iíve been writing and editing for technology companies for more than 25 years. Most of that work has been in semiconductors, with a bit of software and systems mixed in.

My niche

My background is in language and writing, not technology. But Iím drawn to the ways people use technology to solve problems. Thereís always something new to talk about in high tech, and thatís what keeps me coming back. What keeps my clients coming back is my talent for clear, concise writing, and my no-nonsense approach. I listen closely, ask the right questions, and finish quickly. Itís as simple as that.

My clients

I mostly work with NXP Semiconductors, a company Iíve supported for more than 15 years.I also write for Sierra Wireless, a leading provider of cellular gateways and cloud services, and Awarepoint, a startup using BLE tags for asset management.

My samples

I often work under NDA, so not everything I do is something I can share on a site like this. But here are some recent projects ready for public consumption.

White papers

         NFC for Industry 4.0 (1.3 MB PDF)

         Identity protection and online privacy (774 KB PDF)

         FIDO authentication with secure elements (857 KB PDF)

         Biometric smartcards (6.8 MB PDF)


         NFC Everywhere (5.1 MB PDF)

         RFID for brand protection (4.7 MB PDF)

         Designerís guide to voltage translation (2.5 MB PDF)


         Will your phone replace your wallet? (106 KB PDF)

         My space: How my smart home will know itís me (87 KB PDF)

         What the experts say about the future of driving (1.0 MB PDF)


If youíd like to know more about what I do, Iím at +831-464-8348 or claire (at)



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